Q. Why won’t my iPhone play the video sound?

A. Make sure your ringer is turned on.


Q. Why won't the app allow me to enter my email address to register on my iPhone?

A. Tap the middle of the email box not the far right left-hand corner and the icon will appear.


Q. I need a flash.

A. Touch the light bulb icon.


Q. Why do some videos load slow?

A. It depends on your connection and phone processor speed.

Q. Isn't PrintFlic the same technology as QR Codes?

A. No. The QR Code technology as it was used in the printing industry was cumbersome and unreliable. It was never designed to be a "hot link" to web sites but rather a very ingenious tracking code for manufacturing, and the storage of vast amounts of information. It is being replaced with new and improved technology like PrintFlic.