See for yourself...Download the FREE PrintFlic mobile app. Use the "Example" page on our site and scan some of the images and watch it swiftly transform print into video with a simple tap of your screen. The goal is pretty simple: to bring content to life by creating a direct link between print and digital. There is no website to visit, no link to find, no play button to push. All you have to do is download the FREE PrintFlic app onto your phone, then scan any photo in a magazine or printed piece that has a PrintFlic icon and the video will play automatically. The universal app is totally free to download and is devoid of ads, pop-ups and pay walls.

PrintFlic enhances your editorial or printed content and brings it to life for your reader. PrintFlic delivers more value to your reader's experience, increasing readership. This increased interest involves not just adults but the entire family.

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Whether a publication’s message is driven by words or visuals, this technology is going to change the game. All a reader has to do is download the app and scan any photo tagged with the PrintFlic icon. The video plays automatically. It’s that simple.”

Jason Harris, President of Harris Publishing

We already have strong websites, digital flipbooks and social media presence, but our larger goal is to combine video with our core print product in a more direct and compelling fashion. A well-placed video could enrich an article or photo essay in all kinds of creative ways. The first things that came to my mind were those fun little ‘how-to’ articles and recipes. Even if the information is essentially the same, it’s an entirely different experience when you actually see it in video form. For example, written recipes scare me to death, but someone talking me through the process – now for me, that’s a completely different story.”

Steve Smede, Editor of Idaho Falls magazine


Pricing is based on a per connection basis. Every use of a PrintFlic icon is a connection. Visit with your account representative for rates.